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Stage 1:  Start Your Creative Adventure with IGNITE Spark

Picture this as the moment you choose the perfect materials for your next project.

In the IGNITE Spark stage, we're all about discovering the heart and soul of your craft. What makes your creations stand out? Who can't wait to bring them home? We'll clarify your Perfect Shopper's Identity to improve your targeting, both online and at craft shows. This stage sets the stage for your journey, ensuring you start with a clear vision and a strategy tailored to your unique craft and audience.

Stage 2: Take the Next Step with IGNITE Pathway

Now, it's time to turn those plans into a reality.

In the IGNITE Pathways stage, you'll be creating a roadmap to help your perfect shopper find your online shop and stay engaged. You'll refine your online presence to ensure a smooth journey for your customers, from their first visit to their final purchase. Think of it as setting up a perfect booth where every detail attracts your ideal shopper. The difference is that you'll now apply the same attention to detail in the online world.

Stage 3: Achieve Your Dreams with IGNITE Momentum

In the IGNITE Momentum stage, it's all about making your biggest dreams a reality.

This is where you'll map out and execute your goals quarter by quarter. Imagine blending the unique charm of your craft with a digital sparkle, making your creations the talk of both the online and craft show worlds. It's your time to stand out, showcasing your talent and watching your handcrafted business flourish like never before.

IGNITE is designed to take you on a transformative journey

from igniting the initial spark of understanding your business to creating pathways for customer connection, and finally, to maintaining momentum for lasting success.

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Picture a future where your handmade business excels online, your marketing strategies are top-notch, and you're embraced by a thriving community of artisans. What if this future could become your reality right now? Well, it can with the IGNITE program! Don't let the opportunity to ignite your success slip away. Enroll today and take that first step toward turning your creative passion into a thriving online venture. Your journey to a brighter future starts here.

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